Tubo de vidrio de cuarzo/placa de cuarzo/barco de sílice/calentador de cuarzo

Tubo de vidrio de cuarzo/placa de cuarzo/barco de sílice/calentador de cuarzo

Descripción del producto: Barco de cuarzo, también conocido como vidrio de cuarzo, el vidrio de cuarzo se basa en sustan


Información básica.
N º de Modelo.RAY-LH430#
Planitud de la superficieLambda/10 a 632,8 nm sin alimentación
Rango de onda488-694 Nm/700-950 nm
Tipo de revestimientoRecubrimiento dieléctrico
Calidad de la superficie40-20 Scratch-Dig o fabricación personalizada
sustratoSchott Borofloat 33 o equivalente
Paquete de transporteCajas de cartón o de madera
Especificación12,7 mm/25,4 mm/50,8 mm o fabricación personalizada
Marca comercialRaytec
Código hs9002909090
Capacidad de producción10000 juegos por año
Descripción del Producto
Descripción del Producto:Quartz boat, also known as quartz glass, quartz glass is based on substances containing silica, such as crystal, silica.Silica is made by melting raw materials at high temperatures. Its silica content is much higher than that of ordinary glass, and the general silica content of quartz glass is 99.999%. Quartz glass has excellent optical properties, not only visible light transmission is particularly good, but also ultraviolet and infrared light.Quartz glass is a good acid-resistant material, in addition to hydrofluoric acid and more than 300 degrees of hot phosphoric acid, at high temperatures, it can resist sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, aqua regia, neutral salts, carbon and sulfur and other erosion, its chemical stability is equivalent to 30 times that of acid-resistant ceramics, equivalent to 150 times that of nickel-chromium alloys and ceramics, it is resistant to high temperatures, thermal shock, thermal expansion coefficient is particularly small.Quartz glass has excellent electrical properties, at room temperature, its resistance is equivalent to 10 times that of ordinary glass, the dielectric loss to the full frequency is very small, and the insulation withstand compressive strength is large.Quartz glass also has the properties of resistance to cosmic radiation and impermeability to nuclear fission products.Quartz glass is mainly used in electric light source, semiconductor, optical new technology and other aspects:1. New light source: do high-pressure mercury lamp, long-arc xenon lamp, iodine tungsten lamp, thallium iodide lamp, infrared lamp and germicidal lamp.2. Semiconductors: It is an indispensable material in the production process of semiconductor materials and devices, such as germanium, silicon single crystal crucibles, boat furnace tubes and bell covers.3. In the field of new technologies: with its excellent performance of sound, light and electricity, ultrasonic delay lines on radar, infrared tracking direction finding, infrared photography, communication, spectrophotometer, spectrophotometer prism, lens, large astronomical telescope reflection window, high temperature work window, reactor, radioactive device; nose cones of rockets, missiles, nozzles and radomes: radio insulation parts for artificial satellites, radiation; Hot scales, vacuum adsorption devices, precision casting, etc.Quartz boat is also used in chemical, metallurgy, electrical, scientific research and other aspects:In the chemical industry: can be done high temperature acid gas combustion, cooling and ventilation devices, evaporation of acidic solutions, cooling absorbent, storage devices, distilled water, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and other physical and chemical experimental supplies. In terms of high temperature industry: can be done as optical glass, crucible into fluorescent body polite, electric furnace core tube, gas combustion radiator, in the optical aspect: quartz glass and quartz glass wool can be used as rocket nozzle, spacecraft heat shield and observation window.Main Cooperation Materials Manufacturers:CORNING, OHARA, SCHOTT, LEONI, AGC,HELLMA, NIKON,VITRON,C-LASER,ETCMain Export Countries & Areas:Usa, Uk, Japan, Germany, Spain, France, Swiss, Korea, Russia, Pakistan, India, Portugal, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Saudi Arab, Turkey, Finland, Poland ,etc.Raytekoptics Extra value added services offered:1). Optical workcraft & process solution design;2). Rough processing raw materials;3). Semi finishing raw materials;4). Fabricate custom sizes and shapes;5). Design and supply custom coatings;6). Modify and resurface customer supplied materials;7). Drill holes, notch glass and provide beveled substrates;8). Precision polish optics with non-standard aspect ratios;Payment Method: by T/T or Western Union.Delivery time: 7-10 days.Quality Warranty: Ruitaiphotoelectric(Raytekoptics) offers quality warranty for our optics products with "3R" policy. For any inferior-quality products, Ruitaiphotoelectric(Raytekoptics) is responsible for return, replacement and refund.

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